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Every day, in the grocery store, at work and church, I get asked..Suzie..I need a massage therapist, or my mother is having trouble with, or what are you doing to stay so active...and as a experience wellness director, I am able to offer them several choices! Local Wellness List makes my job easier now and available to so many more people! I've listed my favorite practitioners in each field for total body care. Because many health and wellness practices are new, many Mississippians are not familiar with what "tools" are out there and which one to pick.

Local Wellness List sorts out the tools for self-care for you.


How do I transform myself into a healthier person?

The fact that you are asking that question is great news! It means that you are willing to take a look at where you are and make that first step. The old saying that every journey begins with the first step is so true! We now know that your health depends on 3 main factors:

what you eat   ~ how you move your body   ~ how you handle stress.

What you eat: Eliminating processed foods and artificial sweeteners are the no-brainers. LocalWellnessList offers several of our favorite healthy food sites for inspiration. Exercise or body movement is key..move it or lose it. As a former couch potato, over the years, I have found several activities that my body enjoys doing. Walking is an easy start. Yoga is my personal favorite. 

Who would have thought that 2016 you actually have to pay attention to stress management? The demands of today's world are very stressful..and somehow, you're always connected. LocalWellnessList has numerous practices that can guide you with your stress management.

How do I get more energy? 

"I don't have any get up and go..." I feel ya! Many of us are stretched to the limits. A good baseline medical check up is essential.

Most of us want to enjoy a life full of health and wellness.... and this journey begins with you. Being able to love and care for ourselves effectively and successfully is key. Taking care of what you have been given is the best plan. You are you! Let's celebrate the love and beauty that you bring into the world. And if you need a little help... you've come to the right place. We offer the best holistic practitioners to add to your health and wellness practice. Our practitioners are nationally licensed or certified in their area of work. They know to work well with traditional medical practices.

Self worth = self-care = self-love

As a holistic registered nurse, I have been trusted over the years with the health and wellness care of thousands of people just like you. It is my passion for people to feel good and be their best self. Watching people connect with practitioners that truly change the quality of their lives, is a blessing for me like no other.

The LocalWellnessList team is constantly striving to keep up with the latest techniques and practices. The world of medicine, health and wellness are rapidly changing. Knowing what to filter in safely is important for our users. We provide that extra set of clinically trained eyes that knows the best practices to include in your personal health and wellness routine. Every practitioner on this list has been screened for you. So welcome aboard and let's get healthy!