Let's Get Healthy Mississippi

How do I transform myself into a healthier person?

The fact that you are asking that question is great news! It means that you are willing to take a look at where you are and make that first step. The old saying that every journey begins with the first step is so true! 

How do we get more energy?

Need more get up and go? Many of us are stretched to the limits. A good baseline medical check up is essential. LWL practitioners know how to work with traditional medical practices. A balanced approach to self-care combines standard medical care with ancillary holistic practices which makes for a win~win situation.

All of us want to enjoy a life full of health and wellness. This journey begins with you taking care of yourself. Loving and caring for ourselves effectively is key. Taking care of what you have been given is the best plan. You are you so celebrate the love and beauty that you bring into the world. 

If you need a little help you've come to the right place. LWL offers the best holistic practitioners to add to your health and wellness practice. Our practitioners are licensed or certified in their areas of work. They work well with traditional medical practices.

Research shows that your health depends on 3 main factors

what you eat ~ how you move your body ~ how you handle stress

What you eat: LocalWellnessList offers health coaches that can help you get started. On the Resource page take a look at our favorite healthy food sites for inspiration. Start with adding to your diet… a piece of fresh fruit or a new green veggie. Processed foods and artificial sweeteners are the first things to reduce.

Exercise or body movement is key...move it or lose it. For couch potatoes here are two examples: Walking is an easy start. Yoga is a personal favorite.

Got Stress? Most of us do! Stress is a big part of today’s world. Finding a balance between working, family, aging and taking time for oneself is not easy. Local Wellness List has numerous practices that can assist you with stress management.

Where do you start?

Every day, in the grocery store, at work and church, I get asked..Suzie..what about massage? Or my mother is having trouble with…or what are you doing to stay so active... and I love connecting them with health and wellness practitioners that I have come to know over the years as a wellness advocate.

With Local Wellness List, I am able to offer these health and wellness services to our community as a whole!